Генеральная уборка в Тбилиси

Deep cleaning
from 155 GEL





Comfortable with us

Comfortable with us

Greeny is a responsible service. We offer not only quality cleaning, but we are also attentive to your wishes. We respect your convenience and time

Fixed Price

The cost of cleaning depends on the number of rooms, not the area of the living space

Providing Equipment

We provide cleaning supplies and all the necessary equipment for each cleaning

Professional Approach

Each employee undergoes training, internship, and skills assessment

Additional Services

You have the option to order balcony cleaning, window cleaning, and pet hair removal separately

What's included in the cleaning

What're doingStandardDeep

Wipe mirrors

Clean all handles

Clean the floor and baseboards

Fluff pillows

Make the bed

Wipe all surfaces

Fold blankets

Remove cobwebs

Wipe the chandelier

Vacuum soft furniture

Wipe leaves of plants

Clean radiators

Move light furniture

Wipe in hard-to-reach places

Additional services

Add to order at checkout

Cleaning fridge inside

Cleaning fridge inside

25 GEL

Cleaning hood

Cleaning hood

16 GEL

Balcony cleaning

20 GEL

Window cleaning

20 GEL

Per 1 window

Cleaning oven inside

Cleaning oven inside

20 GEL

Cleaning microwave interior

Cleaning microwave interior

14 GEL

Ironing clothes

15 GEL

Per 30 minutes

Wash curtains

15 GEL

Per 1 set

Customer feedback


My wife and I used Greeny's services in Tbilisi! We were very satisfied with both the handling of the application and the work itself. About processing the application: when the guys found out that we have a fluffy cat, the company offered an additional service - cleaning from wool, which suited us very well! They responded quickly and the whole conversation went smoothly. The cleaner did not distract us from work and asked only the necessary questions. The cleaning went perfectly! We are very satisfied! All the inventory was with the worker and we did not run around to neighbors for a vacuum cleaner or a basin in a hurry. Thanks Greeny, don't stop!


I want to thank Greeny for their responsible approach, I have used their services for the second time. There were 2 different cleaners, both times everything was perfect. Initially chose by price: democratic compared to other companies. The website is a separate love 💚


Ordered a deep cleaning from Greeny. Got everything I wanted. It is worth noting the professionalism of the work. Cleaning from real professionals. Easy communication and coordination, accuracy and punctuality in time. I am satisfied, I recommend Greeny!


I am satisfied with the service. Arrived on time, found all problem areas on their own and cleaned them, the time was standard, without delays. There were no unexpected additional payments. Recommend.


Huge thanks to Greeny, especially to Svetlana for the excellent work! Cleaning is done at the highest level, every corner is thoroughly cleaned. I appreciated that the company manager was very attentive to my wishes, thank you 🌿

Frequent questions

The minimum order includes 1 room with 1 bathroom as well as a kitchen and a corridor. If you have a kitchen combined with a living room, this will count as an additional room, as the cleaner uses different products in the kitchen and living rooms.

Our cleaners will bring all the necessary equipment for quality cleaning: professional cleaning products, sponges, rags, bucket, mop, and equipment for cleaning windows, mirrors. As well as additional tools for deep cleaning, vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner and stepladder.

We use Grass professional cleaning products and Frosch eco products. The products do not damage the surfaces to be cleaned and do not cause allergies.

You don't need to be at home during the cleaning. You can confidently leave our cleaner to tidy up while you attend to your other tasks. Just remember to return home by the end of the cleaning to inspect and accept the completed job.

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